What we do offer


A realible and fully functional Roblox bot with 99.99% uptime!


A modern Roblox bot that is up to date with the newest Discord updates using the latest features.

Fast Support

We offer quick and simple support in our server to assist you with any issues you may have with the bot.

No Issues

We beta test every update with a team of certified testers to prevent any programming issues.


Roblox Utilities is managed by a very professional and experienced company and team.


Roblox Utilities is safe, hosted on a private and secure VPS.


What they are saying about us

Fantastic bot, i use this in my server almost daily and it is really useful when im trying to do things without needing to open separate tabs/apps


Lead Designer

Good bot, its something I needed for my Discord. Keep up the good work.



This bot is so useful. It’s easy to use and definitely the best bot I’ve ever used. Can’t wait to see the future versions and hopefully I’ll be able to donate as the creators deserve it.



Works wonders! I can't wait for the new version! :)



Awesome devs, awesome bot. Highly recommended :)




Frequently Asked Questions

  • Most of the time this is due to issues with Discord's API. If the bot is online but has no status, the bot is most likely down for an update or an outage. Simply wait a couple minutes and try again or join our support server!.

  • We try to update Roblox Utilities reguarly. There is an update usually every week unless the development team is on break or working on a larger update!

  • You can support us with the cost of as little as 1.99 a month by subsrcibing to our Patreon. You can also upvote our page on TOP.GG for free which supports us and helps Roblox Utilities grow.

  • You can visit our commands page to view information on all of our commands or join our support server and ask for help!

  • Simple! Join our support server and ask your question and we would be happy to answer any questions you have have. You can also find the latest updates and information in our support server.